Sunday, March 18, 2007

Recife, 18.03.07

I don't know where life is leading me and I am a bit scared!
There are so many foreign elements in my life right now that I can barely keep a track of everything. Being most of my time with my family is sometimes a bit distressing.
I need to be patient and keep in mind that their life style is none of my business and I shouldn’t get involved, give no opinion and do not interfere.
This must be a great lesson for me.
Once I am depending on them, it would not be wise of me to go against their values in any form even if I disagree with most of them.
I also do not want to get swallowed in their fear trip. I can see that people in Brazil they are living a half life. They do not have freedom to leave their houses whenever they want because they are afraid of the violence present everywhere. You can have a car but you are always afraid that someone stills it; you can’t use your walkman on the streets because they can still it from you, so, you are not aloud to have things or show any sign ‘wealth’. This is said!
Finding a decent job here is almost an impossible task due the social and economic situation of the country. Most of the people from my generation still live with their parents because to live alone is too onerous and just a few people can afford it.
Being opportunist is a general feature of our culture now a day.
Everybody is just trying to survive and in such situations moral values are the first ones to be dropped off.
I believe that my return to Europe will be sooner than I have predicted.

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