Sunday, October 22, 2006

Freeing Yourself from Consensus Reality

by Marsha Bartek

A child is born naturally with consciousness and knows instinctively he or she is part of all that is. Soon the energy of this world pushes and pulls on this child's unbounded awareness and moulds it to consensus reality.

Human thoughts and emotions over millennia have created collective habitual thought forms and emotional stimuli surrounding major events in human existence. For example, the loss of a job, a very common and universal occurrence in human life, brings up feelings of insecurity, alienation and fear of the future. All the feelings of anyone who came before concerning the loss of a job have a tendency to surface. It is almost like one does not have control of their own emotions and are involuntary pulled into the collage of feelings and thoughts. Even the change in seasons brings its own set of thoughts, social script and habitual reactions.

Every human event has a set of collective energies and emotions around it from all the people who came before. Adolescence, marriage, birth of a child, divorce, aging, loss of a loved one, and serious illness are a few examples. To be truly free one should have the ability to choose how he or she reacts to life's events, rather than acting involuntarily like a trained monkey.

The experience of being human itself has a set of energies around it from the thoughts and emotions of generation after generation who came before. Much of what surrounds the human condition is fear of mortality and the need for social approval. We learn from early childhood that love is conditional and we spend our lives trying to do things which will bring acceptance and love. Churches, schools, classmates, parents, teachers and the media teach this.

It seems to be true and is accepted by most people as gospel. But it is only true because we all buy into it. It is part of the consensus reality which has been habitually observed for millennia. Parents, teachers, schoolmates, TV and books limit the pure light of God within you that you experienced as a child as you focus it outward. Soon the child is living an unreal illusion just like everyone around him or her.

Over time our light gets bent and fractionated in many ways limiting us and reducing our available pathways. We are trained to see certain things and only believe certain things. We limit our consciousness. We only associate with certain kinds of friends, and we limit the things we are willing to do and to discuss.
What we emit affects global consciousness. If you emit anger, you are contributing to more anger in the world. The same with fear, hatred, jealousy and all the other lower energies.

To be real and act independently we have to pull away from consensus reality. We have to stop reacting out of habit or emotion. We need to learn to act rather than react. The key is to stay conscious in every moment and act from what is present in that moment. There is a unique energy in every moment. We have to be conscious of that energy and act within the context of that energy. The problem is there are many things which block our ability to stay present in the moment; pre-defined social scripts, pent up emotions which need to be expressed, past traumas we carry with us in our emotional bodies, just to name a few. Some people simply give their 'now' moments away in favour of what they think other people want.

Because of these blockages, at any moment we may start reacting based on these illusionary things in our minds and emotional bodies which have no place in the present moment. This happens a lot in human interactions. For example, a friend of mine met a woman at a social situation. They had a very nice chat over lunch. Later he went to talk to her and she was not interested in talking to him at all and just wanted to get away from him. He was surprised by her reaction, so he asked her what was wrong. She told him he reminded her of her father who was verbally abusive to her when she was a child. This event in her childhood stuck with her, so whenever she meets a man with dark hair and beard (which reminds her of her father), she immediately acts as if he was her father. She said she could not help how she felt.

We can practice disciplines to train our minds to stay present in the 'now' moment, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation. But actually, at the core of many hobbies and activities is this one universal truth of human existence. The best ballet dancers have had to master this ability to stay present in the moment. The champion surfers all have learned this lesson. The list goes on and on. Accomplished pianists, violinists, race car drivers, figure skaters, football players, tennis players and writers have refined there ability to stay present in the 'now' moment.

The above practices are limited to the particular activity. But, this is a skill we can generalize and apply to many situations in life. We can learn to practice 'now' moment awareness in social interactions by communicating with people on a level of awareness even in extreme situations. For example, someone I know went to Paris for a visit during the time when the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of France were exchanging angry words with each other. Europeans, especially the French, in general were viewing Americans negatively. But my friends were able to have a wonderful time in Paris interacting with the French. They were treated with kindness wherever they went. Why? Because they were acting in the 'now' moment with every human being they met. They treated them not as 'The French' but instead they saw and interacted with the person they were, not overlaying preconceived notions and expectations on them. The French people treated them as human beings in return.

Being in the 'now' moment releases an enormity of possibilities in our life. In this state we can always allow ourselves to expand and create from the moment. We can go into social interactions without 'ego'. This is tremendously freeing! Without the 'ego' there is nobody there to get his feelings hurt or to feel abused or rejected. Since you have not put up a target, you won't draw any arrows.

Simply don't bring the one with you who can get offended. Then the only thing to bring into the moment is what is serving the moment and that is perfect for the moment. Being conscious will tell us what that is.

Finding our individual consciousness is the first step in achieving Global Consciousness. Being conscious in the moment will automatically connect us to Global Consciousness. Nothing more needs to be done except monitoring what kind of energy we are sending out to the world, moment by moment.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Beyond Karma ... Into Enlightened Living

By Lauren Zimmerman

For centuries Earth has served as a place where Souls can manifest a physical expression of Self in order to learn cause and effect and the impact of various actions and energies. One of the results of the decision to create such a reality was karmic law. For every action there would be a reaction. For every injury to another, there would be "repayment" to Self. The need for karmic law was what precipitated the process of forgetting who we are as we entered the physical plane. If we had taken on a physical reality, remembering who we are, in all of its totality, none of the lessons, the lack, the suffering, etc., would have occurred. On a Soul level, we know who we are and would not play out the situations we've been playing out for centuries.

Now, on this evolutionary path we're on, one of the things that needs to be released, changed, healed, is the need for karma. The scales must be balanced. The need to play out pain, suffering, lack, separation from Self and Soul, etc., must be left behind as we incorporate the Truth of Soul into our daily expression of life.

The knowledge we gain in higher dimensional aspects of life varies greatly from the knowledge (and methods of learning) gained in a 3-D expression of life. Though there are hoards of Souls who still choose to use the karmic laws in order to learn, there is an ever-increasing number of Souls who are choosing to experience a 3-D Earth experience with the expression of Soul and Soul-wisdom intact. The process we are currently undergoing is one of the "waves" of intelligence-gathering that are needed in order to break through the centuries of energy build-up that currently hold this dimensional experience "hostage," keeping people in the cycle of forgetfulness of Soul.

Though there will continue to be dimensional realities which support the process of learning through pain and suffering, it is time for Earth to be released from the role it's been playing. We, as a species, have volunteered to assist in the process of release. Part of the way we are doing this is by healing ourselves "out of" our learned behavior and the energy it has generated in Earth's and in our energetic fields.

The process we are moving through, the evolutionary process is not new within existence. However, it is new within the confines of Earth. We are being assisted and watched by, literally, billions of others who reside in other dimensions. What we learn and how we learn it and accomplish the goals we've set for ourselves is setting a precedent for future worlds. As we move through this process, one of the primary things we need to understand as we set this example for others is that there is no need for karma.

What do I mean by that? Karma was/is a law set up to "punish" ourselves and others for actions and deeds that are, in someone's estimation, "wrong." Who is that someone who makes these judgments? It is each of us. How do we form those judgments? We learn them in this reality ... from each other. How did we get to be judge and jury and authority? (Brace yourself.) We became judge and jury and authority by forgetting who we are as Soul.

As Soul we understand and follow the path of living that takes all things and people into account. There is the utmost of respect, honor, and love. There is no mistreatment of anything within existence. In other words, there is Divine Harmony. This is the reality that is Truth as defined by our Souls. However, there is a necessity to "lower" our vibrations and, for the time we take human form, forget our origins of Soul in order to learn and understand the entirety of existence and the cause and effect impact of various energies. Energies created by the acting out of free will.

When we, as a species, understand that free will is, ultimately, what is ours without having to earn it, without having to separate ourselves and our actions from God the Creator and the Will of God, we will have come to understand how to use free will for the benefit of all. But first we have created a reality in which free will is an experimental tool. And then we have played out each role we've taken in Earth's reality, studying the cause and effect and energetic impact of free will without Divine Alignment. Now we are learning to align free will with God's Will. This is the process of learning how to become true co-creators ... as we walk the path of learning to be Creators. Everything is nothing more than a process we choose to create as we learn to become Creators.

What this means as far as being judge, jury, and authority is that we are judging and labeling our Soul's efforts to learn. Now I can understand the instinctual outcry against these words and what they seem to imply. These words may sound like approval of acts such as abuse, murder, rape, famine, etc. What is truly being said, however, is that such acts do not exist when all things are in Divine Harmony and understanding of Soul. Mistreatment of others is not a reality or a factor in higher dimensional realities. However, when there is a need to learn, though the lessons may seem harsh and destructive, such things are permissible within certain confines. The bottom line is ... how can we form a judgment about something that serves as a tool in our quest to accomplish something far greater?

At this time in our history, it is time to accept that we have chosen to create a very harsh reality in our effort to become greater Souls. Now we have gathered enough knowledge, as a group, to move beyond this reality. Now is the time for us, as a species, to accept that the fact-gathering mission is complete and that the time is now to return to our Soul-origins and understandings and release the need to continue gathering data by studying karma, free will without the incorporation of God's Will, and what it feels like to be out of Divine Alignment.

As we continue releasing the past reality and embracing Soul's reality, we're going to be seeing massive changes in our personal and global worlds. Enlightened living, unifying and expressing life with Soul-expression, is gifting us with the chance to be non-judgmental, understanding, compassionate, and broad-minded. Each of us on Earth will have our own pace as we walk this road of learning to live "beyond" the reality of Humankind's history. Each of us, as we come to fully accept that every other person is an extension of us and an extension of God the Creator, will begin to interact with each other in a different way. Tolerance for the path each of us chooses to walk as we walk out of the darkness and into the Light will become first and foremost. As we take one step forward it will be instinctual behavior to turn and reach back and show others how we achieved that step.

Sometimes we will be walking blindly, stepping into the abyss, not knowing if we will fall or suddenly find ourselves capable of flight. If we hold the understanding that each person is walking the same path toward Light, looking for their way out of the darkness, our judgments of them will become less severe, our understanding greater, our compassion deeper. They are, in fact, a part of us that has served all Souls in an effort to understand God's existence to the nth degree with the goal of making existence better for all. They are, after all, simply extensions of God and ourselves, seeking to bring a world of darkness into the Light.

As we incorporate our Souls into our physical expression of life on Earth, we will be drawing into this reality answers, wisdoms, solutions, (and more) from far beyond the reaches of the human mind. We will begin to see things we never imagined, experience things we've never dreamed. As Soul exists far beyond the reaches of the human mind, we must understand that it offers gifts of all kinds that may seem far, far beyond what we have called "science fiction." Soul has no limits, no boundaries, and no end to wisdom. As we draw Soul-wisdom into our daily lives we cannot judge what we will see and receive. Soul's interaction in our 3-D reality, as we continue the process of moving out of the darkness, is going to show us things we could not possibly conceive of ... with limited, human thinking. Moving beyond limited, human thinking is essential in order to embrace the gift of Light we, as a species, are creating.

Healing Into the Moment. Introduction to the Crystal Ray.

By Lauren Zimmerman

As our reality and our Earth-society reaches for understanding and attempts to heal into a higher state of awareness and grace, each person begins to reach for the awareness of the part they play in the greater picture. Part of this awareness comes through the achievement of personal peace within, a place where we can become quiet and reflect upon the entirety of who we are.

Because our reality has a foundation of consensual agreement (to create our world in the manner we see around us, albeit subconsciously, for the most part), it becomes imperative for each of us to take the necessary steps toward personal healing.
As we live in the chaos that surrounds us, each of us seek a quiet place within that will help us make sense of our own lives as well as the reality in which we live.

The first step toward creating a better world for ourselves as well as for the entirety of Earth-society is to realize the part we play individually and collectively. Our reality is an energy-based reality, made up entirely of energy. Energy is, in its natural state, free flowing, which means that it has no barriers to contain it. When viewed from a distant and detached point of view, our reality is nothing more than a mass of chaotic energy based upon emotional actions and reactions. When we begin to accept and understand this fact, we have taken the first step toward healing our world.

The thoughts and actions that we take on a daily basis impact the energy of our world. Each of us is deeply affected by the energies both within and around us. Our bodies are bodies of energy. Energy affects energy because it has no barriers. The understanding of this fact will have a major impact on the way we think and react to the world. Energy, because of its very nature, has nothing to guide its path except its creator.

In other words, energy will take the path of least resistance unless directed to do otherwise. What this means is that each creator of energy, whether it is in the form of emotion, thought, or action is responsible for the energy created, the energy that each of us is sending into the collective energy that makes up our reality/world.

As an energetic be-ing, each person is touched and affected by the energy of others on a minute-to-minute basis. Thoughts are emitted into the atmosphere as energetic forms. When you think about this fact you begin to realize that millions of new energy forms are created in every second of every day and that each atom of energy is capable of altering your personal energy field. We cannot, of course, stop the constant influx of energies into our world. However, we can learn to monitor the energies within and around us, thus causing our personal healing to progress.

When people begin to see themselves as energetic forms, the process of healing and understanding begins. Each person who shares space with another person affects that person on an energetic level. How then do we discern which energies are our own and which energies are those being created by the people around us? The first key lies in aligning with the truth of who and what we are.

Divine Alignment is the term used for accessing and aligning with the personal origin, the Soul. The energy of Divine Alignment is pure. It resonates from the energy of the Soul, untouched by the energy of the life experience each of us is currently undergoing.
As a Soul, each of us has chosen to experience this lifetime.

However, the energies that we experience (thoughts, emotions, situations, etc.) impact us and often cause a misalignment of our original intention and purpose. To re-create the energy of Divine Alignment is to step back into the energy of why we chose to be in this place and time, living the experiences we are living.

When we accept that our Soul is the primary creator/reason for being in this place and time, we begin to stop resisting the life experience and begin to look for answers and direction from Soul.

Each life experience, because it is made up of energy, resides within each person's energetic field. The amount of time the energy stays and the impact the energies have varies, depending upon a person's emotional reaction to the experience. Emotional energy is the primary cause of misalignment with the Soul's original intention. When the process of Divine Alignment begins within a personal energy field, the energies of the life experience begin to heal, transmute, and align with the Soul's original purpose.

The Soul is detached from the life experience, understanding that there is a reason for all things and that all things will serve to provide a greater understanding of the Divine. Alignment with Soul provides each of us with the ability to dispassionately observe the energies and the learning experiences that we have. One of the greatest keys to successfully healing into a state of grace is to learn to observe your life experience with the eyes of the Soul.

One of the greatest tools for Divine Alignment is the Crystal Ray.
Composed of several aspects, the Crystal Ray's most critical aspect is a thread-like crystalline fiber of energy that emanates from the Soul to penetrate the energy field of the human body. As a thread of crystalline energy, it extends from the depth of Soul, sharing energy, wisdom, and Divine Alignment with an aspect of itself ... the human aspect that each of us use to define ourselves.

The Crystal Ray, because of its energetic make-up, is capable of piercing the energies that surround us, bringing the pure energy of Soul into our energetic experience without prejudice or interference. Because crystalline energy amplifies energies that interact with it, the Crystal Thread is capable of magnifying the Soul's energy and intention to interact and align with the Earth-aspect of itself.

The simple intention of aligning with Soul creates an energy that causes the Universe to respond. Each Soul hears and reacts to the energy of the desire and intention. To issue forth the energy of thought and intention begins the process of Divine Alignment.
In the next issue an in-depth discussion of Divine Alignment and the Crystal Ray will be presented. Until that time, simply visualizing the Crystal Thread emanating from Soul and traveling through time and space to merge with your personal energy will be a beginning point on the journey to self-awareness and personal peace.