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The Healer as an Instrument and Vehicle for Wholistic Healing

Many caregiver factors contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of any clinical intervention. Approaching healing wholistically, we can enhance the potency and effectiveness of our caregiving.

A Healing Environment

We begin to see the importance of selecting our environment with the greatest of care, because environment is the mental feeding ground out of which the food that goes into our minds is extracted.
- Napoleon Hill

The vibrations of a caregiving space are palpable. Soft colors, comfortable seating, inspiring and healing pictures and gentle music all contribute to relaxation at the least, and can promote healing.
If negative vibrations are introduced by anyone in the space, various forms of energetic cleansing can be used. Feng shui consultation can identify structural energetic components that contribute to healing. Smudging with sage and using essential oils can cleanse negative vibrations and refresh the space with positive energies.

Welcoming, Smiling

... love cannot enter where there is one spot of fear to mar its welcome.
- A Course in Miracles

Offering a warm, welcoming greeting can set the tone for healing to occur. The receptionist is a vitally important part of the healing team. A note on the wall stating the healing policies of the caregiver can set the tone for healing expectations, particularly if no receptionist is present.
Music can facilitate relaxation and healing. Suggesting the practice of relaxations or meditations while in the waiting room can divert careseekers from fretting, helping them shift into a self-healing mode.


When you give your undivided attention to something, there is a softening and opening in the listener that allows access to the meaning underneath the words.
- Betty Burkes

Careseekers come for help with a load of experiences, stresses, new and old hurts, anxieties and questions. Providing a safe and healing environment in which they can unburden themselves of at least some of this load is a healing in and of itself.
Many careseekers report that this is one of the most important aspects of wholistic healing, which they find sorely lacking in conventional medical care.

Intimacy of touch,
Eternity of soul,
Urgency of thought,
Miracle of health,
Embrace of God.
--John O'Donohue

Touch conveys acceptance, caring, love and healing. At the very least, a warm handshake can set the tone for positive caring interactions. Where massage or other manipulative therapies are part of the process, this becomes a major aspect of the healing intervention.
Touch must be respectful, however. People vary in their receptiveness to this, and we must be sensitive to those who are uncomfortable with physical contact and need a safe distance and space within which to process their own healing.


The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These people have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and deep, loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. . .
- Elizabeth Kuübler-Ross

It is essential to establish that indescribable chemistry which links people into more effective relationships for work, pleasure and healing, which creates an atmosphere within which respants (responsible participants) can feel safe to share their anxieties, examine their problems, and explore new ways of dealing with them.

Contracting for Healing Interventions
Explicit and tacit agreements shape the healing bond. Many careseekers arrive with the expectation they will Òbe fixed.Ó To the degree that they can be encouraged towards activating their self-healing capacities, we are teaching them to fish rather than giving them a fish.

Channeling and Shifting Energies

We are beings of energy as well as creatures of the material world. Careseekers often come with bioenergy blocks, deficits or excesses of energy, energy ÒcystsÓ (energetic pus pockets), energetic cords that link them to significant others, and varying degrees of openness or closedness to interacting with energies from the environment and the Infinite Source.
Caregivers who are sensitive to bioenergies can offer many interventions to help on these levels. My own particular expertise is in helping to release the old hurts that may have festered for years as energy cysts, manifesting in psychological and physical symptoms which can be doorways into awarenesses that then release the pus Ð and with it the symptoms.

Healing Intent

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.
- H.H. the Dalai Lama

Holding an intent for healing for the highest good of all can facilitate healings that are often profound and far beyond the expectations we might hold if we approach healing with limited focus and set goals.
The careseeker may come with only the wish and expectation of symptom relief. Sometimes this is sufficient. At other times, release of underlying blocks, hurts, stresses and relational issues must be sorted out before the symptoms Ð which in these cases are messages from the unconscious mind or higher self Ð can be shifted.
With serious illness, healing into death may become a part of the treatment process.
Issues surrounding healing intent are often value and emotion laden, requiring great clarity and centeredness on the part of the careseeker.


Healing is often like sports fishing. The caregiver must tug gently on the line, setting the hook of healing intent by tacit and explicit contract. The caregiver must then tug gently on the line, bringing the careseeker closer to wholeness. If the caregiver does not pull on the line, the careseeker may not budge from the depths of his sea of distress; but if she tugs too hard, the line may break and the careseeker will not come into a healing space.

Clearing the vessel through which healing pours

As a result of our energy commitments, weÑour minds, hearts, and livesÑbecome woven into their consequences. Our faith and our power of choice are, in fact, the power of creation itself. We are the vessels through which energy becomes matter in this life.
- Caroline Myss

In all of the above, it is utterly important for caregivers to be as clear and centered as possible. Otherwise, issues raised by careseekers will put the caregiver on the defense and this will block the healing process.
For instance, if a caregiver has unconscious issues around anger, specific past hurts (e.g. difficult parent or partner relationships) or fears of death, it may be unsettling for her to hear the careseeker struggling with these issues. She may then unconscious block or divert the careseeker from opening fully to express hurts around these issues Ð so as not to feel her own distress. It is not uncommon, for instance, for nurses and doctors to put people who may be in terminal stages of illness in the farthest most room from the nursing station, at the very end of the ward. This protects the staff from being reminded of their own limitations in caregiving and of their own mortality Ð as out society is strongly death fearing. (Doctors and nurses often feel it is their fault if a person dies under their care.) This denies both medical caregivers and terminal careseekers some of the most meaningful and beautiful moments of human interaction Ð the birthing of a soul from physical existence back into the spirit world.

If the heart is not pure, the Great Spirit cannot be seen.
Black Elk
Sounding a note with which careseekers can resonate

Be a lamp unto those who walk in darkness...
- Bahai' Prayer for Peace

When the caregiver has done her own work of clearing the dross of past hurts, and has opened to energetic and spiritual awarenesses, she is able to serve as a human tuning fork. Creating an environment of healing and spirituality, she will create an atmosphere in which careseekers will be able to resonate with the healing and spirituality within themselves.

Self-Healing Instructions
The more we can place the responsibility for healing on the careseeker, the more he will be able to manage and advance the process of healing himself.
I usually instruct people in one or more self-healing approaches, such as relaxation, meditation, imagery, WHEE (Wholistic Hybrid of EMDR and EFT), Journaling, prayer, self-healing energetic exercises, or specific activities that will invite new ways of perceiving the world and relating to it.

Reflection on lessons learned

All acts of healing are ultimately our selves healing our Self.
- Ram Dass

We are all on a path of healing. Careseekers come with and as lessons to caregivers, which may be every bit as important and profound as the lessons offered by the caregiver to the careseeker.

Published in Positive Health, December 2003/ January 2004, 12.
You may quote part or all of this article if you include the following credits and email contact
Copyright © 2004 Daniel J. Benor, M.D. Reprinted with permission of the author, P.O. Box 76 Bellmawr, NJ 08099


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Recife, 18.03.07

I don't know where life is leading me and I am a bit scared!
There are so many foreign elements in my life right now that I can barely keep a track of everything. Being most of my time with my family is sometimes a bit distressing.
I need to be patient and keep in mind that their life style is none of my business and I shouldn’t get involved, give no opinion and do not interfere.
This must be a great lesson for me.
Once I am depending on them, it would not be wise of me to go against their values in any form even if I disagree with most of them.
I also do not want to get swallowed in their fear trip. I can see that people in Brazil they are living a half life. They do not have freedom to leave their houses whenever they want because they are afraid of the violence present everywhere. You can have a car but you are always afraid that someone stills it; you can’t use your walkman on the streets because they can still it from you, so, you are not aloud to have things or show any sign ‘wealth’. This is said!
Finding a decent job here is almost an impossible task due the social and economic situation of the country. Most of the people from my generation still live with their parents because to live alone is too onerous and just a few people can afford it.
Being opportunist is a general feature of our culture now a day.
Everybody is just trying to survive and in such situations moral values are the first ones to be dropped off.
I believe that my return to Europe will be sooner than I have predicted.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Refletindo e agindo !!!


O planeta está esquentando, e o risco de catástrofes naturais, aumentando.
E o que você tem a ver com isso?
A queima de combustíveis fósseis e a produção desenfreada de lixo - duas das principais causas do aquecimento global- estão diretamente relacionadas ao estilo de vida urbano, consumidor e predador da natureza que os humanos vêm adotando de modo cada vez mais
Dá para mudar? Dá. Até mesmo na vida cotidiana, vivendo em cidade grande, morando em apartamento, trabalhando em prédio fechado com ar-condicionado e tendo carro.
A Folha ouviu especialistas e reuniu dicas simples para cuidar melhor da Terra e reduzir o impacto da nossa passagem por aqui. Para construir um planeta menos arriscado onde viverão seus netos e os netos dos seus netos.
Para ser sustentável no dia-a-dia.
É claro que não é tudo. Há ameaças maiores. Somos moradores do país que concentra um terço das florestas mundiais e que ainda as desmata. Temos a maior biodiversidade do planeta e poucos governantes atentos a isso.
"Embora possamos dar várias contribuições individuais, lamento dizer que, a menos que os brasileiros assumam a liderança de cobrar o fim dos desmatamentos e das queimadas de suas florestas, os esforços cotidianos significam pouco", comenta o ecólogo norte-americano Douglas Trent.
As ações individuais, embora louváveis, não são suficientes, concorda Miriam Duailibi, coordenadora-geral do Instituto Ecoar. Para ela, é preciso pressionar empresas e governos para que se comprometam a adotar soluções sustentáveis. "As pessoas têm que agir como indivíduos mas também como comunidade, eleitores, investidores e consumidores."
Ainda que sigamos todas as sugestões, será pouco. Estará apenas plantada a semente de uma nova relação com o planeta. Levará tempo para que brote, vingue e floresça. Mas, no futuro, os herdeiros da nossa espécie agradecerão pelos frutos desse gesto.


Economize água

Diminua o tempo dos banhos, feche a torneira enquanto escova os dentes, use regador em vez de mangueira, varra a calçada em vez de lavá-la. De acordo com dados do International Hydrological Programme da Unesco, 97,5% da água do planeta é salgada. A água doce só representa 2,5% e está, em sua maior parte, nas calotas polares. Apenas 0,3% encontra-se acessível em lagos, rios e lençóis subterrâneos. Com a poluição dessas fontes, a escassez de
água no planeta é uma preocupação mundial. Leve-a para casa

Separe o lixo

Mesmo que a sua cidade não ofereça serviços de coleta seletiva, separe o lixo em casa e descubra para onde você pode levar material reciclável como vidro, plástico, metal e papel. Tenha especial cautela com lixos poluentes como lâmpadas com mercúrio, pilhas ou baterias usadas, que não podem ser misturados ao lixo comum. O mau gerenciamento dos resíduos da atividade humana é uma das causas diretas do aquecimento global


Embora seja menos impactante do que a queima de combustível fóssil, o modo de produção da energia hidrelétrica (foto cachoeira) largamente usado pelo Brasil também é desfavorável à natureza. Tire os eletrodomésticos da tomada enquanto estão desligados e evite deixar equipamentos no modo "standby", que ainda significa consumo. Prefira eletrodomésticos economizadores de energia

Certifique-se da madeira

Na hora de comprar móveis de madeira, procure saber de onde vem a matéria-prima. Prefira móveis certificados (selo FSC) e oriundos de florestas de manejo sustentável. Dessa forma, você age diretamente contra o desmatamento e pela preservação das florestas brasileiras

Tenha plantas

Nos jardins, nos quintais, nas sacadas, na calçada, na sala do apartamento, no hall do prédio. Plantas significam mais qualidade no ar e menos poluição. Podem ainda significar alimentos frescos para quem mantém pequenas hortas em casa



Evite o excesso de embalagens. A energia usada para fabricar uma única lata de refrigerante é a mesma que a sua televisão utiliza se passar 172 horas ligada. O queijo fatiado, por exemplo, não precisa de bandeja de isopor nem de filme plástico. E, afinal, para que usar uma sacola de plástico para cada três produtos? Para pequenas compras, por exemplo, você pode levar sua sacola de casa

Use retornáveis

Não compre descartáveis. De copos e pratos a garrafas, dê preferência aos itens cujo fabricante já prevê a reutilização. Volte a usar garrafas retornáveis de cerveja

Prefira produtos locais

Prove os alimentos produzidos na sua região e dê preferência a eles. Além de mais frescos (o que é melhor para a sua saúde) significam um modo de produção menos impactante, e menos emissão de gases no processo de transporte

Consuma menos

Repense seu calendário de compras e evite comprar alimentos que estragam rápido -isso significa mais idas ao supermercado, mais queima de combustível fóssil e mais consumo irracional. Antes de comprar qualquer coisa, pergunte-se se você realmente precisa daquilo. Não compre o que não é necessário e cuide do que vai fazer com o lixo da sua compra


Imprima menos

Antes de ativar a impressora, pense se é estritamente necessário imprimir os e-mails que recebe. Seja rígido na seleção e só imprima o que for indispensável. Para imprimir um e-mail você utiliza energia elétrica e matéria-prima oriunda das árvores

Reutilize papéis

Toda folha de papel tem dois lados, mas muitas vezes esquecemos disso. Reutilize folhas de papel. Faça blocos de nota com papéis usados ou mande folhas de volta para a impressora para imprimir no verso materiais só de leitura

Compartilhe material

Construa uma caixa comum de materiais como canetas, lápis clipes, post-its. Ali podem estar os materiais que não são pessoais. Isso evita que cada pessoa compre uma nova caneta a cada vez que não conseguir encontrar a sua

Seja seletivo no material

Papel reciclado, lápis de madeira certificada, canetas com componentes não-poluentes. Já existem muitas opções de material de escritório que são produzidas pensando na redução do impacto ambiental

Não ignore o verão

No verão, vá trabalhar de roupas leves e defenda isso na empresa em que trabalha. Se o seu cargo é de chefia, libere os subordinados de usar ternos e trajes formais calorentos diariamente nessa época do ano. Assim, o ar-condicionado poderá funcionar em menor potência, economizando energia e esquentando menos o mundo lá fora


Caminhe e pedale

Nos horários de congestionamento, dependendo da distância a ser percorrida, chega-se mais rápido a pé do que de carro. A bicicleta é uma alternativa de transporte veloz e que não polui. Além disso, as duas alternativas de deslocamento fazem bem à saúde

Compartilhe caronas

A queima de combustível fóssil é uma das principais causas do aquecimento global. Descubra quem vive na sua região, dê e pegue caronas. Evite andar sozinho de carro, é injusto quando se considera o impacto do seu "conforto" para o planeta

Use transportes coletivos

Em São Paulo, os deslocamentos de metrô ou via corredores de ônibus podem ser mais velozes do que em carros particulares. Deixe o carro na garagem e use a rede de transporte coletivo da sua cidade. Além de economizar combustível e estacionamento, você ainda estará pressionando governos a aperfeiçoarem essa alternativa


Veja onde joga o lixo

Não jogue lixo no chão. O escoamento da água nos centros urbanos é complicado principalmente pelo lixo que obstrui as canaletas. Essa é uma das causas das enchentes e dos deslizamentos, além de estimular e proliferação de ratos, baratas e doenças

Deixe terra à vista

Pavimentar todo o solo não é bom. Ao construir sua calçada, por exemplo, você pode optar por materiais que permitem que a água o atravesse. Pontos de terra sem pavimento significam que o solo pode respirar. Chão todo pavimentado é como pele humana coberta de substância extremamente gordurosa e com todos os seus poros obstruídos


Integre-se ao ecossistema local

No sítio ou na propriedade rural, evite desmatamentos e queimadas. Preserve matas ciliares (que beiram fontes d'água), elas têm um papel muito importante na manutenção da biodiversidade. Plante sementes nativas. Mantenha ou reconstrua o ecossistema local e posicione-se como parte dele

Plante árvores

O jargão continua valendo: plante uma árvore. Some a ele a oposição à derrubada das que existem ao seu redor, seja no seu quintal ou na calçada do seu prédio


Troque motor por vento

Nas diversões de verão, toque o jet sky e o passeio de lancha por um passeio de jangada, de caiaque, de windsurf, de kitesurf. A dica é trocar o óleo, que ameaça a biodiversidade marinha, por vento

Não deixe lixo na praia

Uma sacola de plástico ou uma lata de refrigerante leva mais de cem anos para se decompor no fundo do mar. Uma garrafa de vidro, um milhão de anos. Desconhece-se o tempo necessário para que uma bóia de borracha se decomponha. Mais do que das florestas, o ar vem do mar. As maiores fontes de oxigênio e outros componentes importantes para o ar do planeta são os oceanos

FONTES: "CARTA DAS RESPONSABILIDADES - VAMOS CUIDAR DO BRASIL", escrita por crianças brasileiras durante 2ª Conferência Nacional Infanto-Juvenil pelo Meio Ambiente; DOUGLAS TRENT, ecólogo pela Kansas University (EUA); ECOLATINA; GLEN STRACHAN, GILLIAN SYMONS, ROS WADE, tutores e alunos do Educational for Sustainability Programme da London South Bank University (Inglaterra); RACHEL TRAJBER, coordenadora-geral de educação ambiental da Secretaria de Educação Continuada, Alfabetização e Diversidade do Ministério da Educação; RAQUEL BIDERMAN, advogada do Centro de Estudos em Sustentabilidade da FGV-EAESP

Recife, 12.03.07

Life goes on!
This is a time for new interpersonal discoveries, emotional encounters, reflection and decisions.
What happens when you find out that someone you thought to be something shows to be something totally different? And if this person is a close relative and you come to the conclusion that if it would not be so, you would never be friends?
Maybe I am overreacting but the truth is this person reveals a side of her personality that I find just disgusting.
Right now I am looking for jobs and applying to do volunteer work to keep myself busy doing something positive. I thought that if I am working in institutes which deal with kids in general I can gather some useful information for my future professional life, get acquainted with the Brazilian health care system and evaluate the professional level of other physiotherapists.
I miss my friends and the quality of life I had in Amsterdam.
Here, there is nobody really close to whom I can just talk about my thoughts and feelings with openness. I find everything so superficial and irrelevant.
At home I just decided to keep my mouth shut and speak only when I am asked to.
It seems to exist such a distance between me and my relatives, almost nothing in common. When I listen carefully to the conversations and the matters they talk about I just feel completely foreign.
I try to keep myself open and polite but conceal what I really think and feel just to avoid distress. Some people would say that I am just exercising my politician skills.
So be it!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Recife, 07.03.07

This night I had a wild dream….
I was in the middle of a desert, everything around me had this orange glowing, the wind blew strongly and I was a kind of leading people throughout this vast desert to a safe place. Suddenly I looked at my arm and saw that there was a metal device encrusted in my wrist, it was a round plate that looked like it was implanted in my arm and I tried to get rid of it and when I finally got it, I could see the muscles, end vessels and nerves, it was a strange sensation. I saw myself there staring at my flesh for a long period with amazement. Than I woke up!

It was 03:00 in the morning and I could not sleep anymore. There were so many thoughts spinning in my mind. I stood up and went to the balcony to lie down on the hammock. My mind was really busy with all the last events of my life and I decided to give myself some Reiki while I was reflecting upon my issues. I felt a sudden peace of mind and after 2 hours of Reiki and reflections, with voices in my head giving me good advises I went back to my bed.
If you cannot change some situation, do not stress yourself, just accept it and let it go.
I hope that my school papers can be stamped in the Netherlands as soon as possible and sent back to me so that I can go on with its process of validation.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Recife, 06.03.07

Bad news!
Today Yuki called me from Amsterdam to tell that the Dutch Ministry of Education did not want to stamp my diploma because it was written in English.
First I got really panicked because I thought that this would be a very difficult problem to solve and would take ages until I get my papers back, but than I tried to calm down and think clear in order to find a solution for this dilemma.
After thimking a lot, I sent an e-mail to the IG Groep explaining the situation and asking them if they could help me to find a solution, than I called Yuki back to tell her what to do.
If the diploma was given by a Dutch institute with the signature of the director, this paper should be legal even if it is written in English.
I hope that everything works out in a way Pedro can bring the papers with him next Wednesday when he is arriving in Recife.
Now the only thing I can do is to wait until tomorrow and see what is going to happen.
F*k, I am stuck!

Recife, 01.02.07

It is already 1 month that I am here in Brazil beginning this new life spam. Something went wrong, I forgot or better saying I didn’t see that there was one of my school papers which I did not stamp by the Dutch Ministry of Education, by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the Brazilian Embassy. Without those stamps I can not apply to my Brazilian diploma. Right now my friends in Amsterdam are taking care of this little problem for me. Once the papers are here I can send them to be translated in Brasilia and only after that to apply for its validation by the UFPE.
In this meanwhile I can just wait and drink tee like the Germans say. There are some moments where I feel I bit frustrated and lost but then immediately I try to change my energy and my way of thinking in order to remain positive.
I need to find a job as soon as possible so that I do not need to ask money to my parents; this would be really embarrassing for me. After so many years being able to sustain myself and being use to do whatever I want with my life, now I even need to inform where I go and what time I will be back.
The country is absolutely chaotic and to find a job here is kind of stressful. After meeting some old friends some opportunities for little jobs appeared, like for example to create the visual identity to a dance project and give a workshop of bodywork for actors. I am sure I will not get a lot of money with those projects but at least this will keep my mind busy.
The most important now is to keep a positive mindset and a high level of self confidence in order to deal with this situation.
I am living in between to places, I sleep in my own apartment which has no refrigerator, no oven, no sofa, no television, and no air conditioning, and during the day at my father’s place. I keep saying to myself that everything in life has a reason to happen so that I can find some meaning in what is happening to me. For the last three years I have been living with a real luxurious life and then, everything changed and now I need support even to get my food. Life is an endless cycle of ups and downs and it’s up to us to learn how to deal with them. Sometimes when I stop to reflect about my situation I see no way out, any perspective of improvement, but maybe this is just because the circumstances I am in right now are a bit frustrating. I have faith and hope that soon something good will happen.

Amsterdam 19.01.07

Funny times Everything is demanding for a deep letting go For unconditional faith For bravery I must confront many of my unconscious fears and be strong A real challenge for my spirit The new situation that lays ahead will require all diplomacy I am able to Patience, positive thinking, will power, flexibility, and a lot of stamina The first and basic achievement will be to start working as quickly as possible and that is exactly where it lays my strongest expectations I have absolutely no idea of how long it will take or how difficult it will be I need the whole universe to conspire in my favour if I want to succeed To have a possibility of returning to Europe through the help of my friends gives me some kind of relief I will try my best and if does not work out as I wish, what the bleep?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The 12 Conditions of a Miracle

The 12 Conditions of a Miracle.
By Todd Michael
ISBN: 1585423521

Condition 1 – Emptiness
  • Clarify in your mind what you lack and what you need. Are you blocking your own flow by withholding this very thing from the world around you?
  • Calmly release what you are withholding. Be consistent and steady in your release.
  • Expect that the flow will re-establish itself.
  • Form follows thought: Visualise the channels opening and re-establishing themselves within your life.
  • Learn to meditate. Then do it. Practice consistently. Enjoy it.
  • Spend time in nature; be quiet, solitary places.
  • Walk and exercise your body every day.
  • Consider occasional fasting
Condition 2 – Alignment
  • With the eyes of Spirit, see the multitudes. Shift to a mindset of compassion, from concern over your own concerns to the concerns of others.
  • At home and at work - in your microenvironment: be increasingly aware of others' problems and needs.When you learn of a problem or disaster, do something to help. Heal the sick. Become a Light-worker: Heal with your mind and your heart.
  • Fine-tune your synchronicity.
  • Like small adjustments to the rigging of a sailboat, small, compassionate, and unselfish actions will help you move ahead in all your endeavours with tremendous speed.

Condition 3 – Asking

  • Formulate your request mentally. Work at this carefully until your request is clear.
  • Dwell on the essence of the dream you seek to manifest. Know the feelings you really seek to experience.
  • Put your request into words. Write your description of the essence on a piece of paper, place it in a prominent place, and read it frequently. This will help you keep your trajectory true to the mark.
  • Keep things in general terms. Free the universe to use the widest variety of means to deliver the essence of the dream and quicken the manifestation process.
  • Honour the principle of integral need. Make sure your needs are an integral part of your true evolution, an integral part of Spirit's true evolution. The universe will then have a vested interest in helping you.

Condition 4 – Maximising

  • Take an inventory of your existing tools, resources and blessings. Don't forget to include your talents, your health, your knowledge, and your other intangible resources.
  • Whatever you focus on expands: Focus on what you have.
  • Ask yourself: Are you maximising what you already have? Take definitive steps to make absolutely sure that you are.

Condition 5 – Giving

  • Become a regular, consistent giver.
  • Above all else, seek to achieve a feeling of satisfaction and joy with your giving. Like attracts like. Your positive feelings will attract more similar feelings into your life.
  • Be pure in your intent and remain anonymous when possible. Never attach any strings to a gift, however subtle.
  • Expect your return to come from the universe, never from those to whom you give.
  • Give consciously and carefully. Avoid automatic giving. Think about what you are doing and make a sincere effort to channel your gifts to the right places.
  • Take care to remember your microenvironment. Charity begins at home.

Condition 6 – Grounding

  • Stay grounded. Experience the present moment as much as possible.
  • Become as a child. You will enter the garden by returning to your natural state of consciousness. Learn to play again. Make time to do things that are fun and try to spend some time with children, learning from them.
  • Ground out physically. Take your shoes off. Wade in a stream. Walk on the lawn. Get outside and get in contact with mother earth.
  • Work on your level of belief. Become as the woman in the crown who touched the hem of the demonstrator's (Yeshua's) robe: Know the power will flow to you, even if you barely touch the spirit in consciousness. If you can't make yourself believe, then... [In other words] At all times, act and talk like you really do believe.

Condition 7 – Visualizing

  • Remember the essence of your needs, the feelings you really want to end up experiencing. Don't see "things" manifesting. See yourself having the feelings and experiences that form the basis of your request.
  • Using somatic visualization, practice experiencing the desired feelings in your entire body. This is an extremely powerful act. Work at this diligently and persistently. Like attracts like. The quality of your feelings will attract the appropriate circumstances that will support these feelings. Practice well.
  • When you feel you are in heaven, you are in heaven.
  • If you have a doubt, simply recognize it as a doubt and turn it over to Infinite Intelligence (God, source consciousness) to be quietly deactivated. Once you become conscious of a doubt and turn it over to Spirit, it immediately ceases to generate effects within your reality, even though it may continue to run through your mind.
  • Take care to incorporate the good of others in your visualisations.

Condition 8 – Gratitude

  • Bless your resources. All of them. All the time. Be acutely conscious of the gifts that have been entrusted to you. Cultivate a deep sense of appreciation.
  • Express your feelings of gratitude in words. Make frequent positive comments about your health, your friends, your job, your house, your country, your life, and everything else you have been given.
  • Don't wait for things to be grateful for. Actively search for things to be grateful for.
  • While staying grounded in the moment, shift your mindset from one of jaded complacency and boredom to one of childlike wonder and amazement. The shift to wonderment is the door that opens into the higher dimension.
  • Speak well of your dream, your life. Never speak any negative words about anyone or anything. This can cause great damage. Strenuously resist the temptation to speak any words that support a reality different from the one you seek to create.
  • When things are good, say good things. When things are bad, say twice as many good things.

Condition 9 - Acting as if

  • After dreaming and visualizing, start doing.
  • Begin now. There is never any other time to begin.
  • Avoid procrastination with all of your might.
  • Refuse to let any delay in the manifestation process surprise or discourage you. Expect a miracle, but expect it to unfold in its own time. Your dream will grow organically at its own rate.
  • Accept your growth and stay relaxed. The more accepting you are about the time frame, the shorter it will be.
  • Persist. No matter what happens, keep acting, keep going. Success has always belonged to the persistent. Persistence can compensate for many other shortcomings.
  • Identify any snags, stumbling blocks, or difficult tasks that are holding you back.
  • Break the necessary corrective action into several sub-steps and decide which is the very first action that must be taken.
  • Next, determine a time of the week or time of the day when you are at your very highest energy. Carefully set that time aside for one purpose and one purpose only: to execute the first of the small steps that will break the stumbling block. Schedule this time in writing and put it where you will see it frequently.
  • If you are having trouble determining ways to "act as if," start by eliminating each and every action that is contrary to your dream. Stop any habit or activity that in any way supports a reality different from the one you intend to create.
  • Work is the ultimate acting as if. Work hard to make your dream real. When you do your share of the real work involved, the universe will return ten times the effort. Don't hold back here. Do everything you possibly can from your end to get things done.

Condition 10 - Engaging the Cycle

  • As energy begins to flow through your life, pass it on. Keep things moving. Receive the energy of others around you and pass it on quickly and efficiently.
  • Constantly look for ways to send energy back around the circuit. When you receive, automatically look for a way to give something back.
  • Be an excellent team player. Never drop the ball. Return your calls and answer your mail promptly. Pay your bills on time.
  • Remember that growth occurs in cycles. Honour the ebb tide (A period of decline or diminution). Don't panic when the tide goes. The flow always returns. Never fight the current. Relax into the natural cycles of growth. Use any downtime constructively, to prepare your vessel (body/mind/spirit) to receive when the flow returns.

Condition 11 – Receiving

  • Eat and be filled. Receive and let the energy and resources that flow into your life fill you with the intense joy, pleasure, and gratitude.
  • Pay attention. Much of the information you need to prosper and flourish is right in front of you now. Continue to quiet, clarify, and sharpen your mind with meditation. Don't miss any subtle leads which could take you to the real gifts that will liberate you.
  • The secret of success is big pockets. Be wide open in consciousness. Big pockets are formed by thinking big. Cultivate a consciousness of unlimited potential.
  • Believe that anything is possible. Avoid any limited and fearful thinking.
  • The universe may test you. Sometimes a tiny gift will lead to a much larger opportunity down the road. Follow the crumbs (smaller opportunities) with care.
  • Develop a sense of worthiness. You are a source of good and deserve to be supplied.

Condition 12 – Recycling

  • Gather up the fragments: don't throw anything away without asking yourself, "Is there some way this can be reused?" Recycle all of the physical resources that pass through your life.
  • Cultivate the appropriate mindset when recycling. Be clear and positive and reverent about this essential activity.
  • Be reluctant to discard your possessions and tools as they age. Use everything to the maximum. Look for ways to repair and renew all of your resources.
  • Periodically, go though your closet and attic and storage rooms. Release things you no longer need or use to appropriate charities. An ebb tide offers a perfect time for this activity.
  • Close the loop. Make an effort to buy products made from recycled materials whenever possible. Ask your vendors to stock recycled products.
  • Recycle your life. Make sure you have a will. Be sure to include key charitable ventures as beneficiaries.
  • Recycle your body. Participate in blood drives and make arrangements for organ donation.
  • Recycle all of the mental and spiritual resources that pass through your life. Pass your knowledge on. Be a mentor, guardian, teacher, and benefactor.