Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Once upon a time,
There was a little god sitting on a rock
He was there with all his simplicity, dreamful, watching his creation.
He felt such an emptiness, such a boredom...
The horizon would never change.
I don't know exactly when, but suddenly he realized, he was not alone in that garden.
There were many other little gods also sitting on the rocks, each one of them totally involved with their own creations, with their own dreams, with their own trips.
Gods tripping on the rocks
Tripping, thinking, and dreaming.
And remembering of a time when they were just angels.
Now !
They've got so many responsibilities as gods
They are tired.
But they keep on watching the horizon
Waiting for the news
Gods have been trying to recycle their own experience.
Gods have been recycling every very little thing in the universe.
They have been recycling themselves
Recycled gods sitting on the rocks
One day, I decided to go there and look them in the eyes and  let them see that there are other points of view.
There are other gardens and many other rocks, some of them where empty.
They started changing places, watched new horizons and everything was anew.
They were happy, so happy they begun to dance and sing.
They whole universe felt their happiness.
The little God came to me and hold my hand, looked at me in the eyes and said, Thank you!

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