Sunday, March 13, 2005

fuzzy times

Suddenly everything looks so empty, so out of focus, so blurred
So many doubts and uncertainties about the future
Lack of motivation, difficulties to concentrate
I definitely cannot work under pressure
It takes all the pleasure away
Maybe this is just a middle life crisis, but it is present, it is there
The fact that I do not really know what to do after my graduation make me feel strange
Some months ago everything was so clear, flowing smoothly,
And now……
I believe that after I stopped dancing I didn’t really find another passion
And as a passionate person it is difficult for me to do anything which I am not attached emotionally
I miss so much being creative
Being in constant challenge to transform ideas and concepts in aesthetic, in beauty
I need to find a way of doing that in my new profession
I miss dancing
Many people I know, which had even more serious physical problems are still working and they are probably happy.
But well, problems and crisis are there to challenge us to grow, to be creative in finding solutions
I am trying
I know that if I concentrate too much in the goal I will miss the pleasure of small things throughout the path, but right now it is difficult for me to change that.
So, I go on, trying to get the best out of it

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